All For Recovery’s mission is to help those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. We offer grants to individuals seeking treatment that are uninsured and cannot afford proper care. Our efforts provide comprehensive start-to-finish recovery programs that include detox, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment and recovery housing.

Our Story

All For Recovery believes when someone battling addiction asks for help it is imperative they receive immediate attention. A Maryland not-for-profit, All For Recovery, is a testament to the inspirational journey of its founder, Kellie Plucinski. Sober since 2004, Kellie is no stranger to the battles of addiction. Fortunate to have the emotional and financial support needed to survive her battle with alcoholism, Kellie has thrived in her ongoing recovery and wants to give back and provide hope to those less fortunate.

Throughout her journey, Kellie has met countless addicts and their loving families and friends. Many of these individuals want to be on the path to recovery but due in part to their addiction do not have health insurance or the financial resources to obtain proper medical care. These constraints make this difficult journey even more challenging. For instance, uninsured addicts with limited financial support are often turned away from state-run facilities because they are at full-occupancy or the individual does not meet their requirements.

All For Recovery’s goal is to conquer these barriers by making treatment accessible to any person with a desire to start a recovery program regardless of their financial circumstances. Our relationship with Fresh Start Recovery Center, a local addiction treatment provider, will assist us in properly identifying individuals that our program best suits and helping them to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

Addiction is a relentless disease that impacts the life of the addict and those around them. All For Recovery represents Kellie’s contribution back to this proud community of fighters.