Amal Lamb

Board Member

Amal Khalaf Lamb, is a DMV native born and raised in Rockville, MD. Giving back to the community is important and helping others with addiction is especially rewarding. Amal’s devotion to providing scholarships for rehabilitation is a result of being faced once with the need to help a loved one and not having the resources. This experience gave her a true understanding of the hardships created by addiction, on both the one suffering and their family.

With a background in sales and customer service, Amal is always focused on developing relationships and building businesses. More recently, she has taken her professional experience coupled with her passion for design, detail, planning to start her own concierge company. She is referred to as the jack of all trades. This broad experience gave Amal the means to help grow All For Recovery and saving lives; as addiction is a monster that takes over a person and ruins lives and families.