Kellie Plucinski

Founder/CEO/Board Member

All For Recovery –An inspiration from Kellie Plucinski, the Board president and her many lifelong friends. As a recovering alcoholic, she’s all too familiar with the struggles of substance abuse. She too weathered the storm of addiction. After multiple failed attempts to get sober, including the several inpatient and outpatient rehabs, the day came when she finally was willing to accept the challenge and do whatever it took to break the grip of her alcohol addiction.

Kellie has been sober and helping other recovering alcoholic and addicts since 2004. She recognizes that it would have been impossible to achieve her goal of sobriety without the help of her loving family and friends. She’s also keenly aware that not everyone is as fortunate - having health insurance, the financial means and support of those around them. As a result of seeing so many struggles, she decided to tackle the problem head on and find a way to help bring awareness and support to those with the desire, but without the means.

Reaching out to friends and family members, she challenged them to help. Today, All for Recovery is alive. A fully philanthropic, non-profit charity, with 100% of the proceeds distributed to those in need. In late 2018, Kellie and her Board celebrated their Federally approved, non-profit, 501(C)(3) status.

Ms. Plucinski was born in Rockville, Maryland in 1981. She is an alum and athlete of both Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, and Greensboro College – where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

Kellie is currently a Real Estate Agent with Long and Foster Realtors, licensed in MD, DC & VA. She is widely recognized as one of the top real estate professionals in the Metropolitan area. She has various awards and successes, including being recognized in the Washington Post, Forbes, and the Washingtonian Magazine where she was rated one of the top real estate professionals in the region. Her hobbies include coaching youth sports, organizing and playing in numerous sports leagues, painting and spending time with her loved ones.

Question or the desire to get involved please contact Kellie